toko Yeh Pulu

Our shop is located within the restaurant. You’ll find the woodcarving art from I Ketut Sunarta and other artists from our village.

We sell natural herbs & spices grown in our own garden, and unique designs from batik and fabric art.

Our lifesaver during the pandemic was the start of producing our own brand of Jamu [a local herbal drink]. We now produce a little over 200 bottles a day which are being sold in various shops around the island.

In 2019 we've started with the production of Moringa powder!

Moringa powder | superfood

Moringa oliefera is truly rich in nutrients. The leaves are rich in Vitamins A and C, calcium, Vitamin B3 and iron.
Our Moringa is handpicked from our garden, dried in the sun and ground into powder. You can add to taste to soups and sauces or use in fruit smoothies.

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