Legends about Bedulu

Once upon a time, there was a powerful king called Dalem Mayadenawa, who reigned in Balingkang about few kilometers north of Batur lake, Kintamani. He also ruled Makasar, Sumbawa, Bugis, Lombok and Blambangan areas.
Dalem Mayadenawa was a descendant of daitya [powerful giant], son of Danu goddess. And because of his magical power he was be able to transform himself into various shapes of creatures. Nevertheless, also because of his supernatural power, Dalem Mayadenawa became arrogantly evil. He forbid Balinese people to worship God and destroyed all the shrines and temples. His arrogant deeds resulted in suffering to be brought upon the people. Plantations died, famine and diseases prevailed the land. People were suffering but they didn’t have the courage or power to fight him.


The legend of Dalem Bedàulu

It was believed that Dalem Bedaulu [Dalem Mayadenawa] possessed magical powers that allowed him "to have his head chopped off and then replaced”. 
Performing this unique party trick one day, the servant entrusted with lopping off his head and then replacing it unfortunately dropped it in a river and, to his horror, watched it float away. Looking around in panic for a replacement, he grabbed a pig, cut off its head and popped it upon the king's shoulders. The king was very embarrassed by this and hid himself in a high tower, where he denied anyone to see him. The secret was however discovered by a small child and the king should be known as “Dalem Bedulu”. Bedàulu means 'he who changed heads'.