Tourism | Riskmanagement

Yeh Pulu Cafe & Restaurant can organize a range of activities such as ricefield trackings, tours by car on Bali, artistic activities like carving workshops, cooking workshops and more.

The organizing party, from now on called and known as Yeh Pulu Activities, is only responsible for organizing and supervising the events.

It must be known that any participants to events of Yeh Pulu Activities are themselves fully responsible for any health damage to themselves or others and to any damage, to any goods, caused by- or through themselves in any possible way.

Yeh Pulu Activities will expect of each participant that they have taken care of sufficient insurance for all that may occur during the activities and the time shortly before and after the event.

Yeh Pulu Activities takes no responsibility for any damage whatsoever to persons or any goods during the time of the activities and the time shortly before or after it.

Gathering before- and taken part as a participant in the organized activity of Yeh Pulu Activities will and must be seen as a confirmation to these above mentioned terms.
These terms are available to read on the Yeh Pulu website, by handed out forms or by text made public on a wall in the Yeh Pulu Cafe & Restaurant.  
Participating in any event of Yeh Pulu Activities means that one is fully aware of these terms.